Hasura CLI: hasura migrate create

Create files required for a migration.


Create sql and yaml files required for a migration.

hasura migrate create [migration-name] [flags]


    --admin-secret string         admin secret for Hasura GraphQL engine
    --endpoint string             http(s) endpoint for Hasura GraphQL engine
-h, --help                        help for create
    --metadata-from-file string   path to a hasura metadata file to be used for up actions
    --metadata-from-server        take metadata from the server and write it as an up migration file
    --sql-from-file string        path to an sql file which contains the up actions

Options inherited from parent commands

--log-level string    log level (DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL) (default "INFO")
--project string      directory where commands are executed (default: current dir)
--skip-update-check   Skip automatic update check on command execution


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