Hasura CLI: hasura metadata export

Export Hasura GraphQL engine metadata from the database


Export Hasura metadata and save it in the migrations/metadata.yaml file. The output is a yaml file which captures all the metadata required by the GraphQL engine. This includes info about tables that are tracked, permission rules, relationships and event triggers that are defined on those tables.

hasura metadata export [flags]


# Export metadata and save it in migrations/metadata.yaml file:
hasura metadata export


    --admin-secret string   admin secret for Hasura GraphQL engine
    --endpoint string       http(s) endpoint for Hasura GraphQL engine
-h, --help                  help for export

Options inherited from parent commands

--log-level string    log level (DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL) (default "INFO")
--no-color            do not colorize output (default: false)
--project string      directory where commands are executed (default: current dir)
--skip-update-check   Skip automatic update check on command execution


  • hasura metadata - Manage Hasura GraphQL engine metadata saved in the database

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