Auth UI Kit

The Auth UI Kit is a ready to use frontend interface for web apps that comes pre-loaded with the Hasura Auth Microservice.

It allows your application users to login seamlessly using the providers configured in the auth conf. The UI automatically shows enabled auth providers.

The UI Kit runs on auth.<cluster-name>

There are two theme options to choose from. Dark theme is the default choice while light theme can be configured via auth conf.


Using Custom Interface vs UI Kit

You might want to use your own custom interface if:

  • The design, look and feel does not match your application’s design. (You still have a choice between dark and light theme)
  • You have a custom auth provider with hooks for signup/login flow.
  • You have an advanced workflow for Signup (ex: referral code during signup, custom fields like first name, date of birth etc)
  • Your application is a mobile app, since this UI Kit is designed for web applications.